One of the most important things I’ve learned from researching typography during my digital art class is this: font design is hard as balls, and if any of those designers saw the way I’ve superimposed their hard work across Batman’s face in a less-than-skilled-manner, they would probably cry. The links in this post should cover all the fonts I’ve used in past graphics and any future graphics.

    Just a friendly reminder: graphics are like evolution—sometimes you throw a bunch of cool shit together and get something awesome like a platypus, and other times you get an ugly slimy blind undersea creature that eats poop. Using a good font doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a platypus.

    Photoset Fonts: 

    I. Just—My—Type (Soraya)

    II. Lost Type (Oil Can, Tommaso, Ranger, Wisdom Script, Muncie, Pompadour, Deming)

    III. The League of Moveable Type (Ostrich Sans, Blackout)

    OTHER RESOURCES: Behance Network | Font Squirrel | 1001 Free Fonts

    I would also recommend checking my design tag on Delicious for any new fonts I may find in the future.

    (Source: lilyloo, via fuckyeahfonts)

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